This book isn’t about computers. It’s about your life and mine. It’s about how the ground underneath us has shifted in fundamental ways. We all know it is happening. We see it all around us, every day. We all need to understand it more.

The digital explosion is changing everything. In this book we talk about both what is happening and how. We explain the technology itself—why it creates so many surprises and why things often don’t work the way we expect them to. It is also about things the information explosion is destroying: old assumptions about our privacy, about our identity, and about who is in control of our lives. It’s about how we got this way, what we are losing, and what remains that society still has a chance to put right.

The digital explosion is creating both opportunities and risks. Many of both will be gone in a decade, settled one way or another. Governments, corporations, and other authorities are taking advantage of the chaos, and most of us
don’t even see it happening. Yet we all have a stake in the outcome. Beyond the science, the history, the law, and the politics, this book is a wake-up call.

The forces shaping your future are digital, and you need to understand them.

This book is about the stories we hear and read every day. Stories that are about the profound, often unexpected impact that digital technology is having on our lives