Blown To Bits


Friday, April 4th, 2008 by tim

Welcome to the Blown to Bits blog.

This book is filled with stories, some historical, and many contemporary - from Tanya Rider who disappeared, and was located because her cell phone (like all cell phones) had constantly reported its location until its battery died Рto the amazing story of Hedy Lamarr.  If you have read the book, you likely see things differently, recognizing that much of what we see around us is now tied to bits, inextricably linked to the digital explosion.

Each of the stories we tell eludicates some aspect of the impact of the digital explosion on our lives,  an aspect of the difficulty that laws and regulations have keeping up with the exponential growth in capacity and complexity of information technologies, an aspect of the transformation of society, an aspect of new perspectives on our lives.  Each of these stories raises as many issues as it answers.

We are living in the midst of the digital explosion.  Like heat from the sun, it continues.

In this blog we will comment often on the changes around us, on contemporary events that, beneath the surface, are “bits” stories.  Mostly, though, we invite your participation.

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