Blown To Bits

Worst error message ever

Monday, July 14th, 2008 by Harry Lewis

Well, probably not the worst ever, but for 2008, terrible.

Access Denied
You have attempted to modify your access to the secure TIAA-CREF Web site. As a result, your session has been terminated.This attempt to falsify your credentials has been logged to our files.

My crime? I forgot that my username was case sensitive. I typed it in lowercase rather than mixed upper and lower, along with the correct password.

No wonder people hate computers. This is a major financial services business. When the Web was young, and people were having their web sites coded by their 16 year old children, customers might have put up with that sort of indifference and hostility. No more. I am closing my account — or will, once I get the paper form I need to fill out.

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