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The Web Site Finds You

Friday, August 22nd, 2008 by Harry Lewis

Google has launched its “New Gears Geolocation API.” This is a set of developer tools making it easy to build applications that utilize location information reported by your cell phone to bring up content that depends on where you are — without your having to key in your location manually. Here’s an example Google cites of how useful this can be:

One of the most popular travel sites in the Europe,, has now location-enabled their new mobile restaurant finder to help you find restaurants near you without requiring you to type in where you are. If you’re in the UK, just go to fonefood at¬†, click the “Find your location” link on the home page, select the type of restaurant you want, and will automatically work out which neighbourhood and city you are in and find matching restaurants.

We discussed something similar in our Providence Journal opinion piece of a week ago — a facility that would steer you to stores near you that had in stock a product you wanted to buy. It’s coming!

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