Blown To Bits

Closure For Jeffrey Berman

Thursday, November 27th, 2008 by Harry Lewis

In Blown to Bits we discuss not just the case of Lori Drew, but the case of Jeffrey Berman, who allegedly groped a girl on public transportation near Boston. Another teenager snapped his picture with a cell phone, it was on the evening news, and he was arrested the next day. I used this case as an example of the good side of digital little-brotherism.

Berman has now copped a plea to keep out of jail, if he behaves himself. (Three years, if he doesn’t.) The Boston Herald reports this story under the wonderful headline, Girl’s pluck, pic put pusillanimous perv in his place.

I have a weird relationship to this case. Ever wonder what happened to that red-headed kid you were in Mrs. Dowd’s kindergarten class with? In my case, he turned into the groper on the T. I hadn’t seen or heard of him in at least 50 years, until I read the original Herald story about the incident and noticed that the Jeffrey Berman who was arrested was exactly my age ‚Ķ. Sounds like a pretty sad situation, and I’m glad he was apprehended.

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