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Pentagon Bans Flash Drives

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 by Harry Lewis

A few weeks ago we noted a case in England where data giving access to the records of 25 million Britons was found on a flash drive that some clown dropped in the parking lot of a pub.

Now the AP is reporting that the Pentagon is banning all flash drives, and is collecting the drives that are in the hands of Pentagon workers, with no assurance they will ever be returned. The goal is apparently not to prevent data from leaking out, but to prevent viruses from being imported on infected drives that people plug into the USB port of their desktop machines.

One Response to “Pentagon Bans Flash Drives”

  1. Alain Adunagow Says:

    Interesting point. I wonder if the anti-virus software giants will design (if not done yet) portable apps to be embedded in the flash drives in order to prevent any virus or spying invasions through flash drives. Nowadays, people pass on flash drives without raising any flag that there could be “cross-contamination” exposures.