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The Barackberry

Saturday, January 24th, 2009 by Harry Lewis

(Nice neologism by the Times of London.)

President Obama is going to have a handheld, but it won’t actually be a Blackberry. It will be special military equipment, capable of entering a super-secure mode in which it can communicate only with identical equipment (presumably in the hands of military and intelligence personnel).

The Times story, as well as some others, state that it won’t be possible to forward presidential emails. I don’t know what that means. If Sasha gets an email on her home computer from her daddy, what would prevent her from taking a screen shot, or cutting and pasting the body of the message? It’s possible to restrict the President’s computer so that its functionality is limited, by I just don’t know how you could stop the recipient of one of his emails from using ordinary office software to manipulate it.

One Response to “The Barackberry”

  1. Julius Says:

    I believe they actually allowed him to have a BlackBerry. The only thing they did was install a special suite of encryption software.


    My question is this; why are they allowing him anything? Am I wrong or is he the POTUS? NSA/OGA reports to him, don’t they? I wonder who is giving the marching order – or in this case, texting orders.

    Also, you might find this interesting…