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Updates: Stimulus Censorship, Tracking for Taxes

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 by Harry Lewis

Here is news on both of yesterday’s posts.

First, it appears that the anti-net-neutrality, pro-ISP-censorship language did not make it into the Senate version of the Stimulus bill. But Public Knowledge reports that Senator Feinstein is still hoping to include it in the “compromise” (who knew that a compromise could include things in neither bill between which it is a compromise?) and urges you to again let your voices be heard. (Here, by the way, is the actual amendment. The reference to “reasonable” network management practices is a dead giveaway that what the ISPs will do will not be reasonable — just as Senator Feinstein calling this an “uncontroversial amendment” is a good signal that it’s highly controversial!)

On the vehicle tracking front, today’s Herald makes clear that the Commonwealth is just exploring Oregon’s system. A GPS keeps LOCAL track of where the car is moving around and occasionally uploads the MILEAGE TOTAL, not the trajectory, perhaps when the vehicle is at a gas station. There are lots of privacy problems with this technology, and I am disappointed that Governor Patrick seems not to care. But at least we have a little better picture now what he’s talking about.

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  1. Harry Lewis Says:

    Thanks to the reader who pointed me to the report from Oregon about this: Oregon’s Mileage Fee Concept and Road User Fee Pilot Program (pdf).