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French Three Strikes Law Unconstitutional

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 by Harry Lewis

The French anit-piracy law, adopted in France on the basis of strong support from President Sarkozy, has been¬†declared unconstitutional The logic is elegantly simple and equally applicable in the UDS. ‚Ķ “Internet est une composante de la libert?© d’expression et de consommation‚Ķ¬†en droit fran?ßais c’est la pr?©somption d’innocence qui prime” ¬†– “The Internet is a coomponent of the freedom of experssion and of consumpton ‚Ķ In French law it’s the presumption of innocence that prevails.” (Well, OK. So there is no “freedom of consumption” in the US Constitution, as far as I know!)

THanks to Carolinna Rossini for the pointer.

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