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As If To Prove My Point …

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 by Harry Lewis

‚Ķ the US State Department reports that US Immigration checks the Facebook pages of people seeking to enter the US, looking for signs of fraud. I’d love to know what other parts of the government look at Facebook for what other purposes.

That article has some other remarkable passages, about State Dept web browsers and the Sec’y of State on peanut butter.

2 Responses to “As If To Prove My Point ‚Ķ”

  1. Adam Smith Says:

    But on the Internet, know one cares if you’re a dog! I thought I could put anything I wanted on my Facebook page.

    The New Yorker owes me a serious apology.

  2. Harry Lewis Says:

    Of course — there is some humor in the idea of using Facebook AGAINST fraud. But remember the context here — in the immigration business, arguably, the cost of a false positive is low, and the cost of a false negative is high. So there may be a natural tendency to take any reason to keep someone out at face value, especially if the info is provided by the subjects themselves.